Review: Catacombs of Time by Dylan Doose

Hello bookworms, today’s post will be brief because The Catacombs of Time is but a novella and as such there is not much to analyse or report without giving you spoilers. Fire & Sword left me with a lot of questions that I had no answers for so I looked forward to maybe having a few of them answered by this one. I didn’t get those answers not really, I simply ended up with more questions. Now onto my thoughts and frustrations with this one.

Catacombs of Time started with a completely set of new characters and I was dismayed by this. I looked forward to more of Kendrick, of Theron and Aldous I had grown to love them for their various flaws as well as their positive personality traits. That being said my own need to know got the better of me so I read on and while like I say I ended up with more questions than answers I enjoyed the book.

Gaige, the main character for this Novella seems extremely flawed. There is no real description as to what he looks like. All I took away about Gaige from this book is that he is an educated man with a thirst to push the boundaries of science and medicine of his time. That he does not care about the negative opinion that his studies would bring. Finally I also know he is physically disabled by the way of a possibly malformed leg and maybe has some facial deformity due to the constant wear of a beaked mask. I believe there to be only one point in which he does not wear this mask and we get no idea of how he looks underneath.

Some seem more open to his ideas because it seems that he has uncovered ways to save those who have been cursed by sorcery to become beasts. This is how he finds himself in a possibly less desirable place attempting to save a young woman in this method. Sent here by the mysterious Lord Regent he has to save her and take her alive to where she needs to go. Gaige manages this but only just. He loses his assistant in the battle, he is harmed and then eaten by Ghouls.

We see him come to the conclusion of getting the girl to where she belongs and being faced with the Lord Regent who in turn answered maybe only one or two of my questions from the previous book. The others are gone and only he remains of our original heroes. Gaige is given a task to fulfill which he takes and this sees him leaving the actual Catacombs of Time in search of our heroes.

I found this one a little underwhelming. There’s no real answers to follow that first book which got me frustrated. To top that there’s no explanation for why Gaige chooses to do what he does. There’s no real motive for any of it. We never learn who the girl is or why she was important to the Lord Regent though I have my theories as to who she is. All I got out of the book was the confirmation that one of the original main characters was indeed still alive while it is implied the others are dead. The book fell flat for me and again left me with more questions than answers though I did enjoy it still. The characters were good if not as well developed as the first book and the story moved at a good pace. 

I think this one could have been done so much better though. If only to have a little more history added to how the land came to the call of science and medicine though it feared sorcery. Why Gaige is the way that he is and does the things that he does without much preamble or regret. I’d have loved more backstory and more insight as to the motivations of all the characters for why they are the way they are.

I’ll see you real soon bookworms when I’ll be telling you what I thought of The Pyres the next book in the box set.

Stephie X.

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