About Me

Hi, I’m Stephie. I’m a writer of fiction, a mother of two feral little wolf cubs who will be known to you all in this little slice of internet as P & C. They are my little cubs and I adore them even if they do drive me crazy. I am engaged to my wonderful Fiance who will be known to you all as K. I have two lovely little moggies called Cheetah and Lilly, they are furry little butt heads who own me and every other biped that sets foot in my home.

In this place you will find my experiences as I make my way in the world of writing. Where I find my inspiration, how I go about what I do. I’ll also share with you my thoughts on the books I read, whether they are good or bad. What I loved about them and what I hated. I promise to always be honest and true to myself with my opinions of the books I tell you all about. I hope that if you decide to read any of the authors and their books that I share, you will tell me your thoughts and feelings. I’d love to know what you think. The only thing I find better than reading a book is having someone to talk about it with.

So go forth and read my lovely little book worms.

Stephie X.

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